Let Your Creative Side Run Wild!
Make Your Own Studio-Quality Leather Bag, Guaranteed To Be One Of A Kind!


These three thoughts were our motivation when we founded Mittersisters in 2015, we wanted to approach the concept of contemporary fashion from a whole new direction.

And so we set up Mittersisters — a fun and relaxed workshop in downtown Budapest, where we’ll help you design then create your own dream leather accessory.

You’ll be hands-on at every step: from choosing and cutting the leather to adding all the finishing touches, and we’ll be there to guide you through the whole process. You don’t need any experience:  just a keen imagination, and an eye for a good design. 

We’re proud to use only sustainable environmental practices, and we’ll discuss with you how we source our raw materials. So not only will your creation be unique, but also ethically made.

We’re proud to say that we’ve developed a studio experience that’s unique to Budapest, and over the years we’ve hosted workshops for clients from every continent in the world. So if you have an interest in quality fashion, or a great idea for a unique leatherwork design, perhaps you’ll be the next international client to walk through our door!